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"Flute - A long peice of metal held paralled to the ground at all times while marching. This group, while very large, is unheard in the performances (due to the brass) and leads many to believe them to be used for decorative purposes only. Due to the lack of interest in the group their thoughts and actions often turn towards mutiny."

- Molly

The Dicitonary of the Marching Band Language
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Thank you for stopping by Eaglescrag.net. Currently there is NO content here, however the domain is more a vanity domain that I am using for a few things. I will eventually move my website and re-do it here but that requires time which I unfortunatley don't have. I did take the time to make a pretty picture, what you guys think?

*** Ren. Faire Photos *** These can be found at http://www.eaglescrag.net/stuff/renfaire2005/ Hope you enjoy!

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